Decorating is not a skill. It is a way we like to place things and present them in the house or outside the house. Some would say it is a skill, but everyone has their own tastes and it comes from their heart. For example, my two daughters are very messy. And it does not come from me. But they have their tastes. My eldest daughter likes bohemian and my youngest takes after me. And my son, well he lives on his computer, but he has his tastes on what he likes. Very manly, I guess. I for one, always wanted to be an interior decorator. But I had my youngest at the age of 18 and motherhood took over my life. No regrets, just how it happened. So I guess this is why I write in this blog. My way of decorating peoples houses without really being there. About 10 years ago, I attended a 4 day preparation course for an interior decorating course. I was told I needed to know over 400 different paint colours. I was in shock. Thinking how I am going to juggle motherhood with getting to know just one aspect of this course. So instead, I opened up an antique shop. It didn’t do too bad, but I was selling on ebay at the same time and that became my main income. So after only 12 months, I shut down the shop and sold on ebay. Hence, why I am here again, selling on ebay and writing a blog. As I am writing this, I am looking forward to christmas, then putting my house up on the market so I can move to the Dandenong Ranges. If you don’t know this area, you should google it. It is a beautiful tranquil place to live, and I hope to run a b’n’b up there or open up my own homeware shop.  Then hopefully I can provide everyone with more pictures and inspiration with decorating ideas. Merry Christmas to all….



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