How To Make Affordable Christmas Crackers…

I love making things for christmas. So yesterday I went down to spotlight and bought some items to make my own christmas crackers this year. I had been collecting toilet rolls for the past month although you can buy these at spotlight if you haven’t got any.

What you will need: Scizzors, Material, Glue, Ruler, Trinkets, Ribbon, Cristmas Snapps and a Texta.

ImageIn This first photo I have all the ingredients for my crackers to be made.

I have already cut my material to the width I want. I am using lace this year which I bought for $5 for half a metre. In this next photo, you will see how I have the toilet roll placed in the middle of the lace. I have already put a keyring inside ( I picked up a few very cheap at the $2 shop) and have already inserted the cracker. Just above the toilet roll I have glued the material and then will glue the rest of the material, only where the roll will roll over it.

ImageImageNow with the glue in place, you lightly roll the toilet roll until all the lace is wound around. At the end you might have to place some more glue.

ImageNow that the lace is wrapped around, its time to pick some ribbon. I have chosen silver to match the silver decorations on my tree this year. Just tie the ribbons at both ends with a bow and this will help bind the glue until it dries.ImageAs an added extra I have put a pink rose on the front of the cracker. Leaves can be another option if you don’t like roses, or placing a wide ribbon around the middle. (Sorry one of my cats decided to get his photo taken in this shot! Very inquisitive cat!)



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