Vintage Enamelware..

ImageThis is the classic look of a vintage kitchen.

Notice the black and white lino, the small cupboard space (there was not much for storage in these days!), the aqua colour on the walls. The vintage kitchen was just that. Basic. With Retro coming back in fashion and along side that, everything retro becoming collectable enamelware is one of the basics for the retro kitchen..

Enamelware was big. And in big usage before the 70’s. Red and white was an early combination of colours, then the pastels become popular in the 1950’s. From bowls, to plates, pitchers, cups, scales and even baths. Enamelware was in everybodys home. Now it has become a collectible where prices have become quite pricey when you do happen to find a peice. Places to buy enamelware include ebay, antique shops and auctions, vintage shops and if you are lucky enough, op shops.

Characteristics of Old Enamelware

‘Old’ or vintage enamelware is prior to 1940. The item will have multiple coats of enamel. The enamel has a thick glossy feel to it. Look for glaze or age cracks, always quite wonderful fine little hairlines

. Old pieces are heavy and substantial when held. Most were made on a steel base, some on cast iron. Cast iron pieces are thick and extremely heavy. Burners for gas were often cast iron for example.

Many old pieces are marked very clearly. Look for GM or Kockums marks.

Very early pieces from before 1900 often have a Victorian feel to them, extra ornate swirls and fluting.

Look for rivets as opposed to soldering. The early pieces often had their handles riveted on, the rivets look like little bumps.




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