A Glimpse Into My Home…

The Home that my parents had when I was growing up, was a normal suburbia house with 4 bedrooms, one bathroom, one toilet, one kitchen, one small eating area and one small lounge room. The standard 70’s home. I remember when my parents redecorated the kitchen. The color scheme was bright yellow!! Then I remember my aunties home, which by the way was my aunties sister.They were so different!  Her home was a classic victorian, built in the 1890’s. It wasn’t the biggest of houses, but the rooms were big double sized and they had extended the back of the house so there was a big kitchen and living room. I loved staying over there because my auntie collected and breathed antiques. You would walk into their home and feel at home. It oozed charm and character. And everywhere you looked there was something pretty to look at or rummage through, my auntie collected lots of things.

So as I grew older and could afford to buy what I liked, I naturally turned to antiques. I have promised myself that the next house I own will be a genuine old house.

ImageThis photo is of my fireplace, which has had alot of use. I love framing my children, so photo frames are scattered everywhere around my home. The gold framed picture above is a victorian reproduction of a young girl and her dog. I don’t like bare walls, I feel beautiful pictures make a room interesting and warm.

ImageOn my antique sewing machine I placed this lady statue on top holding peacock feathers. The sewing machine works but is not in use, so makes an interesting side table in my home.

ImageMore family photos, these ones are in the front hallway.

ImageI absolutely love my bed. I have only had this bed for 4 years now. This four poster is a reproduction but is mahogany and is hand carved with the victorian design.

ImageI am a collector of dolls, and this doll sits proudly in what I call my dolls room.

ImageThis piano I bought at an auction 11 years ago, and while it doesn’t get played much (my daughters can play), I cannot let go of it. This piano dates back to the early 1900’s and is missing the candleabras unfortunately.

ImageMy dolls room. Its funny, everyone that comes here thinks this room is scary! I keep telling them that they are only dolls!

ImageMy antique chest of drawers. Another piece I bought from an auction house many years ago. This one dates back to around 1890. Another peice I could never part with. On top sits a big cat doll. Yes, I love cats..

ImageMy chaise lounge in our living room. Lots of cushions makes this more comfortable to lay on. I love the colour of pink and gold fabric.

ImageMy antique kitchen cabinet. This piece displays all my kitchen collectables. Right in the centre of the cabinet, there is a small chopping/preparation board you can pull out.

ImageA vintage brass wall candelabra I have in our living room. Bought at a trash and treasure market years ago. Its a beautiful piece with two lovebirds in the centre.

ImageEven on my barbecue outside, I try and dress it up….


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