Decluttering And Preparing Your House For Sale

I hate moving, full stop. There is alot of work to do, packing, cleaning, moving, setting up, not to mention the cost of everything. I have moved countless times, and will be moving again next year. So I am not looking forward to the work ahead of me. Yes, you can always pay someone to pack and move for you. But this can be very costly.  Earlier this year, I wanted to start my own business of decluttering peoples homes and prepare their home for sale. Maybe I still will down the track. But for now I will concentrate on my own. The photos pictured here are of my own home. You can see the difference decluttering makes. Tips on making your house more presentable. 1. Declutter. Pack all unused and decorative items away. This makes benches, rooms appear bigger. Remove all photo frames and photos you might have on the wall also. This de personalises your home, so prospective buyers will not see it as your home and see it potentially as theirs. 2. Don’t leave your packed items in boxes laying around. Utilise your garage, or if you haven’t got one, put your goods in storage. 3. Open up your rooms more by rearranging your furniture. You can probably get an idea from one of the photos attached. 4. Repaint if necessary. A fresh coat of paint can do wonders, especially if there are marks on the wall or the room is painted a dark colour. 5. If anything needs fixing, fix it. Even changing light bulbs that are no longer working. 6. Give your house a spring clean inside and out. Having clean windows and window sills makes a world of difference. And don’t forget outside. This is what your prospective buyers first see. Mow and clean out the weeds and any dead plants. Repaint your fence if need be. First impressions count. Oh and did I mention having some cookies baking in the oven??ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


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