An A – Z Guide On Household Tips….

Here I have put together an a to z guide on household tips. If you know any others please feel free to email them. Hope these tips come in handy.

A – Ants, now these are a problem in almost any house. Tip is to sprinkle sugar where ants will find it. Follow ant trail back to the nest. Pour turpentine or paraffin into nest. The ants will not return and paintwork will not be affected.

B – Barbecue, cleaning the cooking plates. While the plate is still very hot, sprinkle a handful of salt on it and leave until it cools. It is then reasonably easy to clean.

C – Candles, to prevent candles from dripping. chill them in the refrigerator for a few hours before lighting.

D – Dried flowers, after arranging dried flowers, lightly dust with hair spray, to make flowers long lasting.

E – Enalmelware, which is stained can be cleaned with salt moistened with turpentine.

F – Floors, scratched varnished floors can be restored by rubbing over with a little lard, then polishing with a clean cloth.

G – Gilt frames, wipe over with equal parts of methylated spirits and water. Dry well.

H – Handbags, to clean patterned leather handbags, use a soft nail brush wrapped in a lint-free dust cloth. Rub vaseline into the bag and brush. Then use another cloth in the same way as a buffer. Keeps the leather beautifully soft. Also good for leather shoes.

I – Insects, get rid of insect pests by sprinkling borax powder or boric acid around appliances and baseboards.

J – Jars, to clean smelly jars, fill jars with warm water containing 1 tablespoon of tea leaves and 1 tablespoon of vinegar. Stand for 3 to 4 hours, then shake out and rinse.

K – Kettles, to clean a kettle, boil 2 teaspoons cream of tartar in 1100ml of water in the kettle for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Add a few clean pebbles during the boil to break up thick deposits.

L – Lace, washing old lace. Wash in warm soapy water by squeezing and kneading. Rinse in warm water. Use gum water to stiffen after washing. You need 125g gum arabic to half a litre of water. Dissolve gum in hot water. Strain and bottle. Add to final rinsing water, using 1 to 3 tablespoons to each half litre of water, according to stiffness required. Roll lace in a towel until almost dry. Iron on wrong side over a towel or pad to make pattern stand out.

M – Mirrors, Prevent bathroom mirrors fogging up by rubbing with a cloth dipped in equal amounts of glycerine and methylated spirits, then polish.

N – Nylon, to remove mildew from nylon shower curtains, soak in solution of 5 litres cold water, half cup bleach and 1 tablespoon vinegar until mildew disapears.

O – Odours, tobacco, to get rid of tobacco smoke smells in a room, put a little soda in a jar and sprinkle it with a few drops of ammonia and 3 or 4 drops of lavender. Add a few tablespoons of boiling water and leave uncovered in the room to give off a clean, refreshing odour.

P – Paths, to remove oil stains from the driveway, shake sand over to absorb the oil, then wash concrete with detergent.

Q – Quarry tiles, to remove cooking grease stains from quarry tiles use a cloth wet with about 1 teaspoon cloudy ammonia. Rub over greasy stains. Repeat if required.

R – Refrigerators, deodorise inside of fridge by washing with a teaspoon of dry mustard in soapy water. Vanilla in warm water is also good.

S – Saucepan, cleaning a burnt saucepan, cover bottom of saucepan with 6mm vinegar and 1 tablespoon cooking salt. Leave overnight. Pour liquid away, then scour pan.

T – Tiles, to clean verandah tiles, mix 300ml vinegar with 300ml kerosene. Shake well. Apply with a soft cloth. Also good for marble, lino, furniture and paintwork.

U – Umbrellas, clean by rubbing off any dirt with methylated spirits, then follow with a solution of cold tea and ammonia. To renovate an umbrella, dissolve two tablespoons of sugar in 1/2 cup of hot tea and allow to cool. Sponge open umbrella with this solution. The sugar stiffens the fabric and the tea revives the colour.

V – Vases, cleaning inside. Insides of bottles and vases are easily cleaned with small balls of steel wool and soap suds. A few brisk shakes and they’re sparkling.

W – Weeding. Kerosene sprinkled on paths saves hours of tedious weeding.

Z – Zippers, lubricate a sticky zipper by rubbing well with candle wax, paraffin, a bar of soap or ordinary pencil lead. Talc also works sometimes.


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