Decorating A Table For Dinner Guests?

There can be a lot of fun involved with decorating a table for dinner guests. One christmas years ago, it was my turn to host dinner, and I planned how I was going to decorate our table for days. Making my own bon bons, place cards, even the tablecloth was made. You can have all sorts of fun. With so many ideas out there on the internet. You can make your dinner party stand out and have everybody talking about it once they leave.

ImageThis is simply a photo of using apples to hold your place cards. Pretty groovy. You could use any type of fruit for this one. Depending on what theme you want to use.

ImageThis napkin is basically tied with twine and leaves. Very rustic. You could use flowers instead to give a lovely smell. This one is simple and you would be able to find these easily in your garden.

ImageThis is a another basic setting you can try. I love the use of the apple tree branches as the centrepiece. Although you can only find these in spring. Otherwise you can use fake ones. The colour combination is simple and rich at the same time. Burgundy on white work well together. White is always a fresh staple to work with, so keeping a white tablecloth should be your number one rule.

ImageThis photo is my favourite. Very country, very rustic. All the colours work well here. Fresh roses on the table look stunning and always work well for a centrepiece. One thing to remember with decorating your table. Always use a centrepiece. Whether this be flowers, a candelabra, etc. Pick your centrepiece first and then work around it.

Other little pretty interesting ideas for your table…..Image

A candle made from an orange. Just cut your orange in half. Cut out the orange leaving the white whick. Cut out your design from the top, remembering not to cut to deep into the bottom. Then filling the orange up with a little olive oil. You should be now be able to light your white wick. This should last for hours. Remember not to leave unattended.

ImageThis one is very unusual. Tea light candles sitting on top of an upside down wine glass with leaves inside. Very creative.

ImageUsing roses once again, this is lovely. Would suit an outdoor setting.

If you have any ideas that you would like to share please let me know. Regards Cassandra.


2 thoughts on “Decorating A Table For Dinner Guests?

  1. Wow : there are some really great ideas here. Although I am a bit confused as to how to make the orange candle. Do you know any links that might guide me through that process? Absolutely love the upturned wine glasses. And the napkin idea, and the apples. I am glad that I have found your blog.

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