The Federation Home….

I am now in my fifth federation styled home. Unfortunately, none of them original. Maybe one day. I love the coziness and charm that these houses ooze. With their warm color scheme, high ceilings, ornate door frames, cornices, skirting boards, etc. No wonder federation and victorian designed homes never go out of fashion. Color schemes for your federation house should always be warm. I am referring to greens, burgundy, cream and even some blues.ImageIn this photo, which looks like a hugh formal sitting room, you can see the use of green, cream and burgundy used together. These are the primary colors used for this era. This is a large room with high ceilings, letting in alot of natural light, but they have still made the room quite comfortable with the way the seating is arranged in the middle and the use of a large mat underneath. A sitting room was quite common in earlier times, especially with the upper class of society who had large homes and lots of rooms to use.


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