Rustic Decorating Ideas

Rustic home decor is a decorating style which references nature for much of its color scheme and design. It is also indebted to the style of home decor known as Country Western. Unlike Country Western, which uses bright pastel colors only, rustic home decor uses most colors on the palette, from yellows and greens to blues, blacks and browns. Rustic style uses animals and plants in the scheme, but there is also room for elements of traditional farming, such as gates, fences, corn gathering and scarecrows.

Color Palette

The color palette of a rustic home decor design should contain colors which are appropriate to nature. Electric blue is not suitable, but water and animal blue colors are. The palette should include the colors of leaves, from greens and yellows to browns and dark reds, the color of water and pond life, and the colors of trees including browns and blacks. Rustic takes a lot from Country Western, but the Gingham check pattern which is a feature of that style should not be included in Rustic home decor designs. The color palette should refrain from large, bold colors, and instead stick to shades that are neutral in tone. If you’re decorating in a rustic home decor style, remember that you don’t have to include all of the colors on your palette, and they should not be given equal weight. For example, a rustic house might feature a predominance of greens and browns, with blues and reds kept to a minimum. A large feature wall might depict a forest scene, with a blue stream running through a portion of the picture.

Furniture Designs

Furniture should be basic and not too modern. The more arts and crafts the style, the closer to rustic home decor the furniture will be. Consider making your own seats and bedstead, if you want the homemade look to be authentic, but you can also buy rustic home decor furniture from stores and online catalogs. Furniture should also be basic in utility. Large cabinets (preferably with a weathered look), are ideal, and tables should be square-looking and bold. Consider looking at second-hand stores for furniture with a rustic appeal.

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